Series 4400-T

The Series 4400-T, a magnificent pivot door, is part of the Gen4 family and is the only door in its class. Designed for elite luxury houses, it boasts a weather rating and JUMBO sizes with a concealed In-Rail Closer. The patent pending sill design allows for a unabated flow of interior and exterior flooring.


Product Highlights

Enhancing Design

Floor-Through-Door Sill:The 4070-T Patent Pending sill design has been engineered for the 4400-T, making the home’s finished floor the door sill, leaving ONLY a slim slot drain. This feature is gorgeous and provides ample weather tested performance.

Multi-Panel Option:

Not only is the 4400-T available in large widths, e.g. 12′, it can also be combined with several other panels for an even larger opening. With the ‘hold open’ feature of either the In-Rail  (IRC) Floor Closer, these multi-panel openings are functional and dramatic.

Upper Floor Capable:

When the hydraulic In-Rail Closer  (IRC) is chosen, the Series 4400-T is feasible for upper floors, which historically has not been possible due to limited floor depth. The pivot anchor only requires 1-¾” floor penetration.


Adjustable Closer:

The hydraulic In-Rail Closer  (IRC) allows 3 custom operation adjustments:

Open 90 Degrees Speed (slows down at 80-degree point)Final 30 Degrees SpeedFinal 10 Degrees Latching Speed

The three options are easily accessed from the underside of the bottom rail without removing the panel.

The “Little” Things

Residential Design:In the aluminum pivot door world, only the 4400-T was designed for elite luxury residential applications. Competing products offer modified commercial doors that fail in performance and pale when comparing fit & finish.


Minimal Panel Stop:

One of many unique traits of the 4400-T is the beauty of the jamb and head panel stops. The stop slides into a concealed jamb groove and is attached from behind. When the stop is used in the head, the interior and exterior ends are finished with a cap.


Hidden Weather-Stripping:

During design, apt attention was given to hiding the needed weather-stripping as much as possible. The intention was for customers to only see aluminum and hardware while in a closed position.

Superior Characteristics

Slender Lines:The vertical lines of each Series 4400-T are some of the narrowest on the market. The standard 4” stile is thinner than most and the optional 3-1/2” stile is in its own class.


Slender Jamb:

Each jamb is offered with a nail-fin or block frame preparation for installation. The flat shelf face allows the builder to bury 1” of the jamb so the wall-to-glass dimension is a slim 3-1/2″ when using the 1-Point Locking Hardware.


Buried Drop Seal:

Regardless of the closer, each panel comes with an additional seal that is concealed within the bottom rail  (PDS). Once the panel engages the jamb frame, the seal will drop into place.


Large Sizes:

The sleek lines of the Series 4400-T are clear but strength is not compromised. Some may ask “How big can you make each panel?” Our response: “How big do you want it?” In most cases, the only limitations on size are dictated by the selected glass or closer.

Energy, Noise & Security

Energy Rated:The Series 4400-T is one of the only energy rated pivot doors on the market.


Reduced Air/Insect Infiltration:

Most pivot doors bleed air, but the Series 4400-T comes standard with engineered weather barriers and a concealed drop seal  (PDS) for the bottom rail that prevents most of the air infiltration and annoying insect entrances.


Glazing Options:

Fleetwood offers the Series 4400-T in hundreds of glass choices, depending on the needs of the client. Whether the needs are security, more light, energy, sound control, tinting or custom glazing or panels, clients can choose from these thicknesses: 9/16”, 1”, 1 ¼ or 1 ½”.