Series 3600-T


Product Highlights

Enhancing Design

FSB & Yale Hardware:When configured as folding panels only, the vertical sight-lines are as narrow as possible. If a hinged door is included we offer two choices. The first option increases the sight-line but is the most ergonomic. It includes a stainless steel Yale latch and FSB levers and front plates. If a slimmer sight-line is desired, we recommend the Slim Line option.


Hardware Finishes:

The standard exposed hardware is either brushed stainless steel (Clear Anodized & Custom Finishes) or PVD black stainless hardware (Black Anodized).


Crisp, Linear Shapes:

Fleetwood’s design focus is the opposite of mass production. A prime example is the sharp edges and crisp lines created by a balance of hand tooling, automation and dedicated machining.


Stainless Steel DPL:

The Series 3600-T comes standard with a stainless steel Dual Point Lock. Not only is the material durable, but it also offers a sleek, modern design. Each DPL lever throws two stainless steel bolts into the track, offering high security and ease of operation.

Lifetime Performance

Easy Adjustment:The standard carriers on the Series 3600-T allow for each panel to be quickly adjusted. Simply depress the push button release (located next to the side thrust wheels) and raise or lower the panel with the provided hex key.


Integral Nail-Fin:

To assist builders with a waterproof installation we offer an integral nail-on fin as part of the frame. Other window manufacturers attach a separate add-on fin. This short cut can cause water leak issues years down the road.


Mechanical Corner Block:

Each panel corner is butt joined using a proprietary corner block and bolt design for strength and longevity.


Thermal Conductivity:

Aluminum is thermally stable in that it does not swell or shrink when the temperature or humidity levels change. Very little energy is lost through the frame material but in the case of wood and vinyl, energy is lost through the frame and vent seams after years of expansion and contractio

Strength & Beauty

Hardware:If the integral hinged door is included we offer two choices: the first option includes a stainless steel Yale latch and FSB levers. If a slimmer sight line is desired, we recommend the slim line option with just the stainless DPL.


Outstanding Carriers:

The Series 3600-T was designed to utilize Brio carriers for the most current folding door technology. Each mechanism has four high performance wheels with two side thrust precision bearings. These four wheels provide unparalleled stability as well as smooth, quiet operation.


Large Panel Sizes:

The overall strength of the Series 3600-T is manifested in the panel sizes. The maximum panel width is 42″ and the height is 144″.


Heavy Walls:

It does not take a professional to realize the hidden engineering in each Fleetwood system. The aluminum wall thickness greatly exceeds most, if not all other doors. Any user will immediately experience its sturdiness and palpable luxury when they operate the doors.

Energy, Noise & Security

High Efficiency Glass:Modern glazing from Fleetwood coupled with increasingly efficient insulation techniques allows a minimalist design with huge glass that does not compromise energy consumption.


Thermal Break Technology:

Fleetwood products with a “T” in the series number are manufactured with thermally broken aluminum for condensation control and energy efficiency. For over 30 years, Fleetwood has designed products around this now sweeping practice and does so with extensive testing and engineering so the product maintains the look for the ultimate minimalist.


Security Benefits:

Fleetwood endeavors to make products better instead of cheaper, resulting in specialty products that other manufacturers should not attempt. High-security laminated glass (like your car windshield) coupled with robust Fleetwood framing can withstand severe impact.


Fire/Heat Resistance:

Steel products are designed and rated to resist fire damage, but these products are limited in function and can be costly. While not fire rated, Fleetwood aluminum products offer great performance and style and actually help maintain wall integrity during a fire. Typical residential windows (wood or vinyl) add to the flame whereas extruded aluminum retains its form at over 1000 °F.