Series 3000-T


Product Highlights

Enhancing Design

Slim Lines:Fleetwood’s sliding door interlockers are among the slimmest on the market! Methodical engineering and aluminum thickness allow slender lines without compromising structural integrity.


Crisp, Linear Shapes:

Fleetwood’s design focus is the opposite of mass production. A prime example is the sharp edges and crisp lines created by a balance of hand tooling, automation and dedicated machining.


Huge Sizes:

Strength and beauty are demonstrated by Fleetwood’s unique ability to produce doors with massive pieces of glass. For example, it is common for a 30’ x 12’ opening to have just 4 vertical lines.


Robust Screen:

So many other doors are provided with a flimsy screen frame and cheap mesh. Our standard screen is the best sliding screen door made, period! Why? The screen utilizes an extruded frame (vs. a roll formed screen) and the highest quality mesh on the market (Ultra Vue).

The “Little” Things

In 2005, Fleetwood began a two-year design project to create a better door latching system. The hardware market choices failed to meet Fleetwood’s quality level so we designed our own. The net result is the Archetype locking system  (ALH).


Fit & Finish:

We have gone to great lengths to make the appearance of our doors exceptional. Fleetwood includes cosmetic items that other manufacturers do not in order to cut costs, such as: Pocket Closers, Jamb Closers, Head Closers, and Sill Closers. These come standard on every custom sliding door by Fleetwood.


Swiss, Precision Bearings:

The Archetype roller  (ARS) comes standard with authentic precision bearings. Many others claim precision as a buzzword, but only Fleetwood partners with a Switzerland based manufacturer that specializes in precision bearings.


Stainless Track Inserts  (ATI):

Fleetwood’s track is a solid aluminum base that receives a heavy gauge stainless steel insert that can be easily replaced. Cheaper designs offer a metal cap applied to an aluminum runner or plastic strut.

Superior Characteristics

The Right Product For Your Climate:Thermally broken aluminum was designed for extreme cold climates to stop frost from conducting to the inside of the house. Stricter building codes have introduced this technology to warmer climates where practical benefits are limited. Fleetwood therefore recommends the  Series 3000 for warmer climates. Technical assistance is available through our local dealer to help meet the energy code requirement.


Leak Prevention:

Fleetwood offers a variety of sill options for a wide range of performance and design needs, with a high water sill for hurricane water performance or low profile sill for a minimal transition.


Low Maintenance:

While every lifestyle product requires upkeep, Fleetwood products are resilient in even the extreme environments and come with a Lifetime Warranty.


Seamless Compatibility:

The Series 3000-T was purposefully designed with a 4-1/2” frame, allowing virtually unlimited product combinations. For example, a transom window (Series 3800-T) above a 25’ x 10’ OXXO door. Or a sidelight with an awning window insert.

Energy, Noise & Security

High Efficiency Glass:Modern glazing from Fleetwood coupled with increasingly efficient insulation techniques allows a minimalist design with huge glass that does not compromise energy consumption.


“T” = Thermally Broken:

The “T”, e.g. 3000-T, indicates the frame is constructed of thermally broken aluminum in order to reduce condensation/frost and provide a lower U-Factor. Fleetwood began designing windows and doors in the 1990’s using the ‘pour & de-bridge’ method. In the last decade, Fleetwood added the ‘strut’ method for many newer designs because it offers greater flexibility in certain products, such as sliding doors.


Slip-Strut Technology:

Thermally broken extrusions may bow slightly with prolonged exposure to direct sun. To reduce this temporary effect, Fleetwood uses the latest technological advancement called a ‘slip-strut’ in the 3000-T lock stile. This two-piece strut reduces the bowing without compromising thermal performance. Other brands simply offer a non-thermally broken extrusion, which defeats the entire purpose of a thermal break.


Security Benefits:

Fleetwood endeavors to make products better instead of cheaper, resulting in specialty products that other manufacturers should not attempt. High-security laminated glass (like your car windshield) coupled with robust Fleetwood framing can withstand severe impact.


Noise Control:

Fleetwood chooses to offer a wide range of options instead of limiting features to increase profit and simplify production. Sound dampening upgrades to glass and products are available without affecting the budget or design.


Fire/Heat Resistance:

Steel products are designed and rated to resist fire damage, but these products are limited in function and can be costly. While not rated, Fleetwood aluminum products offer great performance and style and actually help maintain wall integrity during a fire. Typical residential windows (wood or vinyl) add to the flame whereas extruded aluminum retains its form at over 1000 °F.